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Endodontic retreatments

When are endodontic retreatments needed?

  • Too much time elapsed before the final restoration was completed
  • Inadequate sealing of the canal, leading to a cavity or a recurring infection within the tooth
  • Onset of a new issue, such as a cavity, defective restoration, etc.

During an endodontic retreatment, special attention is given to determine and address the reason why the first procedure was unsuccessful. The endodontist will investigate and correct the situation. In some cases, 3D imaging may be needed.

What does an endodontic retreatment involve?

  • Drilling into the tooth to access its canals
  • Removal of filling material (often includes the permanent restoration)
  • Cleaning of the canals and examination of the tooth’s interior using magnifying equipment
  • Medicating the canals using antimicrobial materials
  • Installation of a temporary restoration
  • Permanent filling of the root canals tooth during a second appointment

Endodontic retreatments can help save a natural tooth. The tooth can recover its original function for many years to come.