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Dental trauma

Dental trauma can happen at any age. It is the result of a direct or indirect injury to the mouth.

When a tooth is injured, it is important to take action in order to minimize the consequences. In general, we recommend an immediate dental check-up.

Not all dental trauma cases require a root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is only needed if the injury has left the dental pulp either exposed or seriously traumatized. Teeth that suffer this type of trauma need an endodontic treatment as soon as possible. Medication may also be injected into the tooth during the treatment to alleviate pain. In more serious cases, a fractured tooth may need to be extracted.

Over the next few years, you may need to see your dentist or endodontist on a regular basis to ensure that the tooth and adjoining tissues are healing properly and that the root is not resorbing (which would lead to the tooth being rejected).